Tom Choi

Personnel Department / Ex-Director of IT Department

Tom Choi, Frontend Developer of IT Department of Amnesty PLUS, is attending Korea International School, Jeju Campus as a junior. In Amnesty PLUS, he is responsible for managing the website and any other technology-related works. Employing his personal interest and enthusiasm toward computer-science, he endeavors to form an opt environment for Amnesty PLUS, so people can engage in Amnesty Activity more conveniently and raise awareness for current events and other compassionate issues. Besides managing the IT department of Amnesty PLUS, he is vice-president of the National Honors Society and head of the video team of Platform Post Jeju, a news platform for schools around Jeju, in school. Beyond those, he works as a creative team director in an environmentally friendly apparel business in California called ReThred Apparels, and also he is adept at video editing and other media technology.

Tony Kang

Director of Editing Department

Tony Kang is a senior at Korea International School, Jeju. Overseeing articles, op-eds, all writing, and other projects in Amnesty PLUS, Tony is the Editing Department Head at Amnesty PLUS. He has developed a personal interest for international human rights through MUN. Tony’s involvement in Amnesty PLUS was sparked by a summer program at Cornell: the course on international human rights in theory & practice has taught him about the systems creating, enforcing, and advocating human rights and international human rights law; all of which he found to be astronomically meaningful and interesting. Through Amnesty PLUS, he seeks to raise awareness, evoke change, and inspire action to make a difference in the world and ultimately provide remedy to those in need. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, Tony is currently president and director for the MUN club at KISJ and the head executive of LUTOC, a mock trial competition.