Should We Implement the Internet Real-Name System?

By Dokyung (Kelly) Kim

Published Date: 2021 / 03 / 21


[Photo Credit: Mychelle Blake]

Majority of the comments on social media, up to 71%, are negative comments. The Real-name system on the internet has been a hot issue in recent years since the number of people who leave bad comments behind anonymity has been increasing. There are many different opinions on whether we should introduce an Internet real-name system or not. The anonymity of the internet has brought a lot of change in society. People nowadays have different personalities on the internet and in the real world. They act and talk differently. Anonymity can be an advantage for some people who do not fit in the real world since they can fit in the internet community. However, online abuse is a serious problem of anonymity. Users who rely on anonymity on the internet tend to get exposed to violation of human rights involving cyber crimes or bullying. Biased behaviors on the internet like cyber-bullying, cyber-racism, and hate-speech violate others’ human rights. People who think anonymity will protect their identity leave negative comments that they would never be able to say out loud.

The internet real-name system should be introduced since the right to anonymity increases the brutality of the internet. The problem is that the right to freedom of expression and anonymity causes too many casualties on people by doing immoral things behind anonymity. People who are called “keyboard warriors” attack others on the internet while being antisocial in the real world. The suicides of famous celebrities have been an issue. A lot of them were heart-sickened by hundreds of bad comments they received. According to PEW Research Center, approximately four-in-ten Americans have experienced online harassment including sexual harassment, sustained harassment, physical threats, and purposeful embarrassment. Also, the suicide rate of late teenagers has increased nearly twice for children from 2008 to 2015. Social media has a huge effect on this. As the internet develops and people get more opportunities on the internet, the bad effect comes together.

Is internet anonymity an advantage? Is it right to keep the rights of anonymity despite the danger people are getting from it?

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