I’m Going to Show You What Patriotism Looks Like

By June Paek

Published Date: 2021 / 05 / 02


In a city hall conference room in Ohio, a man started to take off his suit jacket, unbuttoned his shirts and finally lifted his undershirt to show his scar covering all his chest, saying, “I’m going to show you what patriotism looks like.” Lee Wong, an Asian American veteran, stood up to show everyone his scar and asked, “Now, is this patriotic enough?”


Mr.Wong has obtained his scar while serving in the U.S. Army and he took action in the process of mentioning the recent Anti-Asian discrimination protests in the conference. At the age of 18, Mr.Wong immigrated from Borneo Island, Southeast Asia to the United States. He decided to become a soldier when someone who had beat him was not punished properly because he was an Asian in 1970 Chicago.

This 69-year-old veteran spoke up to everyone in the country not to discriminate against people because they do not look “American enough” and not to question their loyalty to this country. Nobody was able to question Lee Wong’s patriotism to America.

Recently, especially after the advent of COVID-19, Asian hate crime has become a serious social issue. A Thai immigrant who is 84 years old was shoved to the ground and died during his morning walk in California. A Chinese woman who is 89 years old was slapped and put on fire in New York. Eight people, 6 of them being Asian women were killed by a series of shootings of white men in Atlanta. The United States of America was established by immigrants from Europe and it has widely accepted immigrants from all over the world. People must stop hate against Asian Americans. They are also proud American citizens and no one should look down on them, ignore them, and use violence against them because of their skin color.

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