A New Type of Phishing

By Lani Park

Published Date: 2021 / 05 / 09



Phishing is one of the crimes that hurts victims psychologically. Some victims make bad choices because of phishing after suffering a harsh mental breakdown. Recently there was a case in South Korea in which a young woman committed suicide after getting losing 18 thousand dollars, the only money she had. Phishing is a serious crime that can take away people’s lives.

Victims not only lose their money because of phishing but also are penalized because of phishing. As unemployment rates increased with the ongoing pandemic, it is more difficult for people to get a job. Knowing this, some phishers scam suggest high paying work mostly for those in their 20s and 30s. A South Korean mother, Kim, couldn’t earn as much money as she did before the Covid-19 period, so she decided to work two jobs for her three children. She found a website that would offer her 902 dollars a week if she did the job well. Intrigued by high payment, Kim decided to work on this simple delivery service. All she had to do was to deliver some papers. However, within two weeks since she started this job, she was arrested by the police for fraud. The organization that employed her was a phishing group. In the end, Kim was sentenced to 1 year and 4 months in prison and 2 years of probation. In addition, she had to give the victims from her work 5416 dollars although all she had earned—without even knowing—$1805 from them.

Another victim was sent to prison for taking a high-paying part-time job. Lee needed money to pay his rent for the flat. He was serving in a restaurant until last July. However, an acquaintance approached and offered him a chance to work from home. If Lee installed a communication repeater from China and took good care of it, Lee would get 270 dollars a month. After two months of taking this job, Lee was arrested for breaking the “Telecommunication Business Act.” The device that was installed in Lee’s house was a machine that helped phishers fake their international phone numbers from “070” to “010.”

Terrible phishing incidents also occur in the US. Nidhi Razon, a journalist and a former NDTV anchor, alerted the world through her social media account that she is a victim of a scam that offered her a job at Harvard University six months prior. But, with the unusual delays, Razon contacted Harvard University for clarification. Then, she realized that she was fooled by a scam and that she never got a proposal to work as a Harvard University professor in the first place.

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