The Cost of Cheap, Fast, and Efficient Delivery System

By Jemma Kim

Published Date: 2020 / 10 / 26


As people are living in an advanced society, they are attached to the Internet world more than ever. This is felt by many netizens especially in a time during quarantine. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, communication and meeting people off-line have been restrained. For this reason, people living through this era became highly dependent on online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube as a way to communicate with one another and to fit in with others. Since people are more dependent and spend more time on Internet based mediums compared to before, there are more problems happening on the Internet.

As the method of communication changed on-line, the number of people who have harrassive attitudes rose. This is mainly due to the characteristic of anonymity that social media has. Anonymity allows people to be more truthful, but it also creates problems such as hurting or defaming others. As, there are a lot of people who are nice and kind around the world, there are also people who have minds and thoughts that are twisted. Like people meet all kinds of people in person, since that culture moved onto the Internet, they also encounter them on on-line platforms. People have more time compared to the past due to extra time they gain by not preparing to go outside. Since the majority of people including the haters spend those extra hours on the Internet, wrong behaviors such as trolling and leaving malicious comments have become worse.

According to research, people have a tendency to be more interested in ideas that are sensational and suggestive. There is more information moving around during times like this. As a result, the spread of false information based on groundless data became vitalized. Those ideas have always been proclaimed and spread more rapidly compared to other ordinary and common ideas. However, during times like this, those wrong ideas that can cause harm to a certain group moves around more quickly. In addition, hatred toward particular groups becomes invigorating.

The Internet has given access to many diverse and useful information. It has helped people to maintain their ordinary lives using on-line based platforms even during Covid-19 outbreak. However, many problems have emerged due to the Internet. Therefore, in order to create a better world, both on-line and off-line, people should learn the basic manners and attitudes towards other people.

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