Emma Jeong

Director of Communication Department

Emma Jeong is the Head of the Communication Department of Amnesty PLUS, and currently a sophomore at KISJ. Upholding her belief in the power of words and social media in connecting people and amplifying voices, she is responsible for publishing articles written by editors in social media and promoting the vision of Amnesty PLUS, helping it to reach a wider audience. She is extremely passionate about supporting the rights of marginalized peoples, and always works to prove that changes are possible through small, continuous efforts to create positive impact in day-to-day lives. As a student, she pursues her interest and value in writing, advocacy, and self-expression by participating as an editor for Platform Post Jeju, a school-wide newspaper, a member of Korean Ambassadors, a club that seeks to promote and raise awareness of Korean culture and history, and an enthusiastic performer in drama productions. Through her involvement in Amnesty PLUS, she hopes to build a community in which everyone is motivated to learn and share to create a better future.

Chloe Shin

Assistant Director of Communication Department

Chloe Shin is currently a sophomore at KISJ. As a Communication Vice Head, she works to promote human rights issues through approachable media and introduce the vision and mission of Amnesty PLUS among the audience. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, she enjoys working with different people and reaching common goals as a part of a sports team and band. She actively takes part in those activities through collaborating with peers from different ages, gender, and interests, enjoying listening to their individual stories.Through Amnesty PLUS, she is willing to spread the stories of the neglected people to a wider audience to develop a positive and empathizing community environment where every person is respected and beloved, as well as taking part in making the world a warmer place.

(Jane) Jaein Kim

Recruitment Coordinator / Communication Department

Jane Kim is editor of Amnesty PLUS, who is currently attending Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul as a sophomore. Her role in the organization is to introduce social issues by publishing monthly articles. With Amnesty PLUS, she hopes to raise awareness on issues related to the environment, civil rights, and disability rights using social media and technology. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, Jane is actively involved in various activities such as RCY, Writing Center, sports, and several voluntary services. She hopes to provoke inspiration for those who are unconcerned about global issues.

June Paek

Division C Editor / Communication Department

June Paek is a sophomore enrolled in Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul. She firmly believes that we can realize equality if different citizens in the global community can sympathize with each other through the dissemination of information. As an editor of Amnesty Plus, June is highly motivated to write articles about topics including—but not restricted to—Asian voice, rights of the elderly, mental health treatment, and feminism. Her utmost dream is to understand the human psyche via actively learning and sharing awareness of human rights issues and the people involved in them. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, June is an ardent lover of psychology, art, foreign languages, and chemistry.

(Daniel) Soohyun Ham

Division D Editor / Communication Department

Daniel Ham is an editor of Amnesty PLUS and he is currently a sophomore at KIS Jeju. He seeks to increase awareness on social issues regarding unjust motives and manners toward certain groups of people, limitless of the field. Also, he likes to ride a bike, cook, and study about cars.

Lani Park

Director of Advertising

Erica Park is the Director of Advertising in Amnesty PLUS. She is currently a junior in Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul. As the Director of Advertising, she seeks to promote Amnesty PLUS around the globe and raise awareness of human rights violation issues. Also, she hopes that the activities in Amnesty PLUS would gain support from various individuals and NGOs. Outside of Amnesty, she searches for other advertising methods through social media club Hologram, and she shares her opinions through debate club. Her interests include reading books, watching movies, and collecting business cards of restaurants.

Evan An

Youth Activist / Communication Department

Evan An is one and only Youth Activist in KISJ. He currently attends Korea International School Jeju as a junior. His role in the organization is to help the community through active participation as a youth activist. With Amnesty PLUS, he hopes to raise awareness of international issues in order to bring the world to a brighter side where everyone fights for human rights.

Migyu Kim

Communication Department

Migyu Kim is an editor of Amnesty PLUS. She is currently a junior at Korea International School, Jeju. She is involved in charity opportunities in World Vision, which inspired her to get interested in political and social disparity among the global community. Being an editor of Amnesty PLUS, she wants to pursue her passion for different human rights and behavior influenced by cultural aspects. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, she is currently researching how culture and society establish each dance style. Beyond this personal project, she wants to integrate human rights with cultural influences through Amnesty PLUS.