IT Department

Hoyoun Song

Chief Technology Officer / Director of IT and R&D Department

Hoyoun Song, the Chief Technology Officer of the IT department, is a junior of Korea International School Jeju. He is interested in computer science, especially cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. He initially joined Amnesty PLUS as a website designer for better reading and browsing experience. He is now responsible for website management and maintenance.

Junseo Lee

Vice Director of IT Department

Junseo Lee, a fullstack developer, is currently a second grader at Shinil High School. He started coding at the age of 12, is developing and creating machines/softwares that can help change the world to a better place and is passionate about promoting human rights. He believes that, by developing for Amnesty PLUS, he can indirectly motivate the readers of the articles to have positive changes in their lives. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, he shares his knowledge with others by providing weekly classes in school clubs and by working as a school ambassador. In fact, he has been sharing his thoughts with other professionals through various broadcasting and lectures such as SBS, EBS, tvN, and SEF2018. He dreams and is so confident that he will be able to bring positive changes to the world through his activities, and he is working hard day by day to achieve this goal.

Lukas Kim

Division A Editor / IT Department

Lukas Kim is an editor of Amnesty Plus and he is currently attending St.Paul Preparatory school as a freshman. He joined Amnesty Plus in order to have his voice spread over the world. He believes that small perseverance can gather to make a huge difference like the butterfly effect. He is eager to write about contentious topics that take place and he is especially an avid writer about racism. His goal is to become a global speaker and become an influential person using this opportunity to speak as a group.

Alex Park

Division D Editor / IT Department

Alex Park is an editor of Amnesty PLUS. He is currently attending Korea International School Jeju as a sophomore. His goal as an editor is to promote inclusiveness in all communities involving himself and shed light on human rights issues that established NGOs have neglected or dismissed in the past. Alex hopes to utilize Amnesty PLUS to understand and address the rising tensions surrounding human rights in the field of professional sports in particular, for which he has been cultivating a passion since his early years of life.

Jeff Ryu

R&D Developer

Jeff Ryu is a member of the IT department of Amnesty PLUS. He is currently a Junior at Korea International School, Jeju. Through Amnesty PLUS, Jeff seeks to experience cooperative working environment. Besides keeping up with the Amnesty PLUS website, Jeff is an officer in his intramural club OurCraft and models 3D designs. On his campus, Jeff is a student who is keen to STEM subjects and sports.

Kihyon Kim

IT Department

Kihyon Kim is a IT Department of Amnesty PLUS. Please come back for future bio updates.

Seongmin Choi

IT Department

Steve Choi is working for the maintenance and management of the website of Amnesty PLUS. He is currently attending KISJ as a sophomore. He is highly interested in computer science, especially regarding website development and cybersecurity. He read numerous news articles about current events, and wished that more people would know about them. So he decided to join Amnesty PLUS and spread people's awareness of these events through his own way; by managing websites and people's articles, using his skills in computer science.