(Benny) Sungbin Hwang

Co-Founder & President of Amnesty PLUS

Benny Hwang is one of the Co-Founders and Heads of Amnesty PLUS. He attends Korea International School, Jeju Campus, and is currently in his junior year. As the head of Amnesty PLUS, he hopes that by constructing this platform, people increase social and political awareness around the world, but moreover strengthen people’s participation to fix humanitarian issues around the world. Besides leading Amnesty PLUS, he is a student ambassador and MUN vice-president in school. Outside of school, he works as a contract-term worker in certain governmental branches, leadership board member in foundations, and head member at NGOs actively studying international affairs, and political science.

(Justin) Junseok Lee

Co-Founder & Vice President of Amnesty PLUS

Justin Lee is one of the Co-Founders and the Vice Presidents of Amnesty PLUS. He currently attends Korea International School Jeju as a junior. His role in the organization is to administer the organization and all its departments as a whole. With Amnesty PLUS, he hopes to raise awareness on current issues and provide a means of acting for positive change to audiences everywhere using technology and social media. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, Justin pursues other activities such as MUN, Student Council, and Theatre.

(Justin) Jaemin Jun

Co-Founder & Vice President of Amnesty PLUS

Jaemin Jun, or Justin, is one of the Co-Founders and the overall Head of Amnesty PLUS. He is a Junior at Korea International School, Jeju Campus. He manages the club’s operation and finances, and actively seeks people who aspire to impact the world by their compositions. Besides administering Amnesty PLUS, he has been working as an officer of the Student Council for three consecutive years now, has experiences in MUN, and co-owns an environmentally friendly apparel business in California called ReThred Apparels, and is also adept at music composition.

Senior Advisor

Yoonseo (Bennie) Ko

Senior Advisor

Bennie Ko, a Senior Advisor of Amnesty Plus, takes the responsibility to guide the members of Amnesty Plus to effectively take part in delivering the goals of the organization. Currently a sophomore at Korea International School Jeju, she hopes to make the community a more welcoming environment full of positiveness, with her position as the school’s student ambassador and a devoted performer of the school’s Theatre team. Along with her passion to help every member of the community feel included and entertained, she also shows deep interest in leadership and business, being the Vice-President of DECA KISJ Chapter and the founder of DDING!, an online platform for knowledge sharing. She continues to engage in humanitarian issues by being a member of Compassion Korea, connecting sponsors with children from all over the world who are in need of help. With her responsibility as a Senior Advisor of Amnesty Plus, she highly looks forward to raising the public’s interest in issues of our society that are easily neglected by the whole.

(Spany) Youhyun Noh

Senior Advisor

Spany Noh partakes in leading the movements of Amnesty PLUS as a Senior Advisor, whose primary role is to support and counsel the members of the organization as well as to make sure that the objectives of the platform are being met properly. As a Sophomore in Korea International School Jeju, she is a devoted member of the community, serving in the student council and the leadership team of the school’s Amnesty Club. Spany constantly seeks inspiration through collaboration and communication with diverse individuals, which is well portrayed in the school Girls Volleyball and Soccer team that she takes great pride in. Her utmost passion lies in studying history and humanities, and with her according enthusiasm towards global humanitarian issues, she strives to help spread awareness and alleviate human discrimination by means of her dedication in Amnesty PLUS.

(Leo) Eunho Kim

Senior Advisor

Leo Kim is one of the Senior Advisors of Amnesty PLUS. She is currently attending Korea International School Jeju as a freshman. Her current interests are the rights of people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community, and how they would be able to fight against discrimination. With Amnesty PLUS, she hopes to raise awareness on several issues going on in the world and become part of resolving the problem and help those who have been impacted due to the problem. Aside from Amnesty PLUS, she shows interest in writing and language by taking Honors English and looking forward to joining Creative Writing and AP English subjects. She is also interested in discussing current issues.

Serene Kim

Senior Advisor

Serene Kim is one of the Senior Advisors of Amnesty PLUS and is currently a sophomore at Korea International School, Jeju. Her role in the organization is to support the members of the departments to carry out their tasks and responsibilities. As a new member of Amnesty PLUS, she wishes to help with the organization raise awareness of international and global matters and make the world a better place. She is looking forward to spreading positivity and compassion in her community through her role as a student ambassador and a committed student.

Editing Department

Sylvia Jo

Chief Editor & Director of Editing Department

Sylvia Jo is currently a junior at KISJ. As one of the chief editors, Sylvia is responsible for editing and organizing articles composed by the editing department. Though a pessimist by nature, Sylvia believes that engagement with human rights and current events, such as through writing and disseminating information via AMNESTY PLUS is incalculably valuable in making the world a better place.

Chief Editor

Janice Yoo

Chief Editor & Director of Youth Activist Department

Janice Yoo, who is currently a junior at North London Collegiate School Jeju, is the chief editor and the head of the Youth Activists. Leading the action department of Amnesty Plus, she organizes schoolwide action campaigns such as fundraising events and petitions in order to increase awareness of social injustice as well as providing actual help for victims. She hopes to encourage members of society to engage in the promotion of human rights and bring positive social change. Besides working in Amnesty Plus, Janice also leads the Environmental Studies society in NLCS Jeju in order to raise awareness of worldwide environmental issues and pollution.

Nahyun Park

Director of Editing Department

Nahyun Park, one of the Chief Editors of Amnesty PLUS, is currently attending St. Paul Preparatory Seoul as a freshman. As a member of Amnesty PLUS, she is responsible for editing and organizing the overall articles. Her goal is to encourage people to become aware of social and political issues occurring around the world. She developed her interest in communicating and cooperating with various people as she played Curling, which is a sport that highly depends on the factor of teamwork. Besides working as the Chief Editor of Amnesty PLUS, she was responsible for the in-school community as the president of the middle school Student Council in SPPS. Her devotion to participate actively in various activities portrays her passion to give a positive influence to the audience.

Caroline Kim

Chief Editor

Caroline Kim, currently a junior at Korea International School Jeju, is one of the chief editors of Amnesty Plus. As a chief editor, she is responsible for editing and organizing the overall articles composed in the editing department. Through Amnesty, she hopes to fulfill her affection for the topic of human rights and spread the positive influence around the globe via Amnesty Plus. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, she pursues other activities such as Student Council, Honor Council, and Korea Herald reporter.

Jungin Choi

Chief Editor

Jungin Choi is a 10th grader of Korean Minjok Leadership Academy. As a chief editor of Amnesty PLUS, she is in charge of editing and organizing Korean articles and articles of KMLA students. She is interested in psychology and minority rights. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, she is a member of clubs that promote improvement of minority rights or raise the issue of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery. Through diverse activities, including Amnesty PLUS, she desires to widen her knowledge on various social issues and human rights. She also wants the world to be concerned about diverse events that happen in the world.

Peter Kang

Chief Editor

Peter Kang is a Chief Editor in Amnesty PLUS and a sophomore attending Korea International School, Jeju. As a Chief Editor, he is responsible for editing and organizing articles written by editors in Amnesty PLUS. His interest in international human rights issues was sparked by his involvement in MUN and now, in turn, motivates him to participate in various activities addressing humanitarian crises across the globe. Through Amnesty PLUS, he seeks to shed light upon often ignored problems within societies and make a difference both at a local and global level.

Andrew (Sung-Wan) Park

Chief Editor

Andrew Park, a senior at Korea International School Pangyo, serves as one of the chief editors of Amnesty Plus. As the chief editor he oversees the documents that are written by Amnesty Plus editors and gives suggestions to make it more impactful and meaningful for both the organization and the editor him or herself. He is also serving as one of the club leaders for Amnesty International at Korea International School Pangyo and has interest in fields particularly in STEM. He hopes that these activities allow more active discussion to happen regarding human rights and further, act as the propelling force for tangible change in the future.

Eugene Han

Chief Editor

Eugene Han, a senior at Korea International School Pangyo, serves as one of the chief editors of Amnesty PLUS. As a chief editor, he oversees and edits student articles, helping editors voice their thoughts loud and clear. He believes that their voices have the power to combat inequality and, perhaps, contribute to a worldwide change for justice. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, Eugene has been interested in bringing together seemingly disparate academic fields. Most notably, he explores the intersection of computer science and art.

Seoyoung Park

Youth Activist, Chief Editor

Seoyoung Park is the editor of Amnesty PLUS. She currently attends Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul as a freshman. Her role in the organization is to discuss social issues regarding human rights and publish them into articles. As an editor of Amnesty PLUS, she hopes to raise awareness on social issues and inspire others to participate in making positive influences on society through her writings. She is particularly keen to protect the human rights of social minorities formed by gender and racial discrimination. Outside of the organization, Seoyoung is a student who anticipates using many different platforms to communicate ideas about human rights with wider communities.

Lucas Lee

Chief Editor

Lucas Lee is a writer at Amnesty Plus who is a junior attending Korea International School (Pangyo). He firmly believes in the efficacy of disseminating rhetoric on human rights issues to a broader online audience regardless of the scope of a publication, and views Amnesty Plus as a strong medium to achieve such interests. Beyond his involvement in Amnesty Plus, Lucas is an avid sports enthusiast and writer for varied in-school publications at KIS.

Min Kim

Chief Editor

Min Kim, a junior at Korean International School Jeju, is one of the chief editors of Amnesty PLUS. She joined Amnesty PLUS due to her interest in human rights and social justice, and she is specifically interested in reporting cases of discrimination and violation of human rights that are often overlooked. As a chief editor, Min hopes to help editors deliver their perspectives on sensitive issues in the most accurate way possible and to eliminate cases of misunderstanding. In her free time, Min enjoys literature and the arts.

(Peter) Yuhwan Chon

Chief Editor

Yuhwan Chon will be serving as a new chief editor of Divisions B and D, and he is currently a junior at Korea International School, Jeju Campus. As a chief editor, his roles are to provide feedback for the editors and ensure that the content is appropriate to publish. With Amnesty PLUS, he looks forward to communicating with editors to publish articles that can resonate with the global community. Outside of Amnesty, his interests are history and soccer, and at school he works as an officer in different clubs.

Yelin Hestina Park

Chief Editor

Yelin Hestina Park is an editor of Amnesty PLUS. She currently attends Chadwick International as a freshman. With Amnesty PLUS, she hopes to advocate for raising awareness on issues in the status quo and provide means to bring up positive change. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, Yelin pursues other activities such as Student Council, Mu Alpha Theta, and Athletics.

Lauren Cho

Task Force Director

Lauren Cho works as the Task Force Director of Amnesty PLUS. She is a rising senior at Korea International School Pangyo. As the Task Force Director, Lauren hopes to be able to organize, execute, and cooperate with various projects such as think tanks and the Urgent Action Network to spread awareness and change in regards to various human rights issues. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, Lauren enjoys other activities such as forensics and violin.

Communication Department

Emma Jeong

Director of Communication Department

Emma Jeong is the Head of the Communication Department of Amnesty PLUS, and currently a sophomore at KISJ. Upholding her belief in the power of words and social media in connecting people and amplifying voices, she is responsible for publishing articles written by editors in social media and promoting the vision of Amnesty PLUS, helping it to reach a wider audience. She is extremely passionate about supporting the rights of marginalized peoples, and always works to prove that changes are possible through small, continuous efforts to create positive impact in day-to-day lives. As a student, she pursues her interest and value in writing, advocacy, and self-expression by participating as an editor for Platform Post Jeju, a school-wide newspaper, a member of Korean Ambassadors, a club that seeks to promote and raise awareness of Korean culture and history, and an enthusiastic performer in drama productions. Through her involvement in Amnesty PLUS, she hopes to build a community in which everyone is motivated to learn and share to create a better future.

Chloe Shin

Assistant Director of Communication Department

Chloe Shin is currently a sophomore at KISJ. As a Communication Vice Head, she works to promote human rights issues through approachable media and introduce the vision and mission of Amnesty PLUS among the audience. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, she enjoys working with different people and reaching common goals as a part of a sports team and band. She actively takes part in those activities through collaborating with peers from different ages, gender, and interests, enjoying listening to their individual stories.Through Amnesty PLUS, she is willing to spread the stories of the neglected people to a wider audience to develop a positive and empathizing community environment where every person is respected and beloved, as well as taking part in making the world a warmer place.

(Jane) Jaein Kim

Recruitment Coordinator / Communication Department

Jane Kim is editor of Amnesty PLUS, who is currently attending Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul as a sophomore. Her role in the organization is to introduce social issues by publishing monthly articles. With Amnesty PLUS, she hopes to raise awareness on issues related to the environment, civil rights, and disability rights using social media and technology. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, Jane is actively involved in various activities such as RCY, Writing Center, sports, and several voluntary services. She hopes to provoke inspiration for those who are unconcerned about global issues.

Lani Park

Director of Advertising

Erica Park is the Director of Advertising in Amnesty PLUS. She is currently a junior in Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul. As the Director of Advertising, she seeks to promote Amnesty PLUS around the globe and raise awareness of human rights violation issues. Also, she hopes that the activities in Amnesty PLUS would gain support from various individuals and NGOs. Outside of Amnesty, she searches for other advertising methods through social media club Hologram, and she shares her opinions through debate club. Her interests include reading books, watching movies, and collecting business cards of restaurants.

Youth Activists Department

Auh Ye Lyn

Director of Youth Activists Department

Ye Lyn Auh is director of Seoul Youth Activist Department of Amnesty PLUS. She currently attends Korean Minjok Leadership Academy as a freshman. Her role in the organization is to provide accurate information with articles and raise awareness on human rights. She aims to solve issues of human injustice and analyze the structure of social organizations and the changes of minorities.

Simon Son

KIS Seoul Activist Representative

Simon Son, who is currently a senior at Korea International School Pangyo, serves as one of the youth activists of Amnesty PLUS. As the youth activist, he plans to organize collective action campaigns both within and outside of school in order to not only raise social awareness of injustice and inequality but also to provide support to victims. With the purpose of addressing and promoting human rights issues, he hopes to bring positive influence on society. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, Simon is a member of Hwarang, a service group, and volunteers at Seongsimwon (an orphanage in Seongnam-si). He also organizes service hours for the members of KIS Amnesty club by working with Anna’s House, which is a major project in KIS Amnesty club. As one said “the only way, it seems to me, to turn a bad influence into a good one is by consistently being a powerful good influence yourself,” he constantly seeks to seize opportunities with which he can bring changes to society.

IT Department

Hoyoun Song

Chief Technology Officer / Director of IT and R&D Department

Hoyoun Song, the Chief Technology Officer of the IT department, is a junior of Korea International School Jeju. He is interested in computer science, especially cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. He initially joined Amnesty PLUS as a website designer for better reading and browsing experience. He is now responsible for website management and maintenance.

Junseo Lee

Vice Director of IT Department

Junseo Lee, a fullstack developer, is currently a second grader at Shinil High School. He started coding at the age of 12, is developing and creating machines/softwares that can help change the world to a better place and is passionate about promoting human rights. He believes that, by developing for Amnesty PLUS, he can indirectly motivate the readers of the articles to have positive changes in their lives. Outside of Amnesty PLUS, he shares his knowledge with others by providing weekly classes in school clubs and by working as a school ambassador. In fact, he has been sharing his thoughts with other professionals through various broadcasting and lectures such as SBS, EBS, tvN, and SEF2018. He dreams and is so confident that he will be able to bring positive changes to the world through his activities, and he is working hard day by day to achieve this goal.